QuickBooks Online Plus – Create Sales Form Invoice Subtotal

This video will show how to create subtotal for sales form invoice if you have several different categories of charges by job type to your customers.


You must enter a service date on all the sales transactions in order to select group by day, week or month. Otherwise, subtotal would not work.

1. Click the Gear icon gear-icon(located at upper right corner next to company name)
2. Select Company Settings from “Settings” menu
3. Click on “Form Delivery” from the list of items on the left side of the screen under “Preferences” menu
4. Click on the gray “Customize” button customize under Customize forms (located on the middle of the screen)
5. Click “Activity Table Rows” under Customize Sales Forms > Contents (located on the left side of the screen)
6. Make a selection in the Group activity by Day, Week, Month, Type
7. Click the checkbox next to “Subtotal groups” to add a check mark to it
8. Click “Save” button (located at the lower right corner of the screen)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Once again, service date must be selected on sales invoices in order to get subtotal working properly.

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