can I use a non-inventory for a service?


I am purchasing the service embroidery and then billing out the embroiidery service to my customers.

I want to use a non-inventory item and check the box about non inventory parts used.  This way when I purchase the embroidery it can go to a COGs account and when I bill it out it can go to service income but I can use the same item name for both.


Go to the Lists menu and click Item List.

Click Item at the bottom of the list and click New.

In the New Item window, click the Type drop-down list and choose Non-inventory part.

Enter an item name or number.

What you enter here appears on the drop-down list of items when you are filling out a sales form or purchase order. Enter a name or number that will help you distinguish this item from all the others on the list.


If this item is a subitem of an existing non-inventory item, select the Subitem of checkbox and specify the parent item’s name. See Creating subitems.

Select the This item is purchased for and sold to a specific customer:job checkbox.

Fill in the Purchase Information fields.

Fill in the Sales Information fields.

Click Custom Fields to fill in any custom fields that apply to this item.

Record the item.