Changes to Reconciliation from months ago


Hello.  I would like to go back into a prior reconciliation (from October 2012)
to make changes.  I need to tweek one large entry into many small entries but
the report will still balance.  How can I go back into the reconciled month of
October 2012 and adjust it?  Can I undo this October reconciliation this many
months later and then do it again?  I don’t want to have to undo and  November,
December, January February just to fix October.  I hope this makes sence.


If I am fixing this, I would consult with my Supervisor or Accountant first, and do it this way.

1)      I will write reversing (not delete or void) entry for that large October entry with current month date (say 2/13/2013)

2)      Enter small entries as needed (again with same date say 2/13/2013) to fix errors on reversed entry # 1.

It is unclear what type of P&L impact it will have for this year, not knowing all the details.