How can I program memorized transactions for the future

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I want to be able to setup transactions that will occur in the future with out having to make an invoice and save it. When I do that it shows up as an invoice that is due, I want it to be due when I tell it. Do I have to wait until that day and then save it as a memorized transaction or can I program it for the future?


Memorize a transaction
If you have a transaction that you frequently enter, you can save time by memorizing it for future use.

How memorized transactions work

If you frequently enter the same line items on a transaction, you can memorize the transaction so that you won’t have to re-enter it each time. For example, you can memorize your monthly utility bill.

If the amounts on the transaction do not change (for example, if you always pay the same monthly rent), you can fill in all the details for the transaction and can even have QuickBooks automatically enter the transaction for you.

If the amounts or other details sometimes change, you can enter the memorized transaction and leave some of the fields blank. When you want to use your memorized transaction, just choose it from your Memorized Transaction list. You can then edit it as needed.

Enter the transaction as you’d like it memorized.

If the content of certain fields will change each time you recall the transaction, leave those fields blank. For example, you might want to leave the Amount field blank on your monthly utility bill. That way, you can fill in the amount each time you recall the bill.

Choose Edit > Memorize.


Name can be any word or phrase that describes the transaction.

QuickBooks puts the name of the recipient of the transaction in this field. You can change the name if you want the transaction to be listed differently on the Memorized Transaction list.

Complete the following fields as necessary:

Add to my Reminders List

This option causes QuickBooks to add the transaction to the Memorized Transactions section of your Reminders list.

To set up a reminderClick Add to my Reminders List.

Click the How often drop-down arrow, and choose how often you want QuickBooks to remind you about the transaction.